Welcome to Our World of Perfectly Created Memories

We are a bespoke management company with over 12 years of experience planning elegant and unique weddings.


For Every Unique Event

We devote a substantial amount of time discovering individual tastes and requirements and then assist by providing a professional service with a personal touch.


We Are Trusted Professionals

We are a culture of action and imagination and our style blends time-honoured traditions with an out-of-the-box approach to design and application.


Designed For A Stress-free “You”

Imagine your event of a lifetime that transcends trends, blends customs, and embraces all that you love. Imagine this special

day taking place at your dream location and with all the amazing elements and the perfect ambiance you have ever wished for. Now add a relaxed and stress-free “you” because experienced professionals are running your day.

We Match Your Personal Style

Whether it’s a traditional or modern soiree, a Gatsby inspired wedding or even a just simple and elegant wedding, we create flawless events time after time, that represent your own personal style.  After all, each event should reflect “you” but at the same time invoke beautiful memories when remembered.

How We Work

As a company, we absolutely love the individuality of our clients and we want to make sure that their events are executed with their individual personalities and style in mind. For this, we offer a customised and intimate approach to each event. Outlined below is the process and journey to your seamless event:


No Obligation Call

Our initial contact via a 30-minute telephone consultation where we will go through your requirements and discuss what we offer.


Initial Consultation

Once you have indicated that you will like to go ahead, we will have an in-depth consultation, this is where will get to know you and your fiancé and go through your vision for your special day.


Design Proposal

After the consultation, we will translate the acquired info into a personalised proposal that details the service that suits your event.



During this stage we put together and build “all the pieces of the dream puzzle” for your wedding. Tried and tested suppliers, who will deliver exceptional services guided by us whilst we seamlessly execute your special day.

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Our Work Ethic

We are regulated and recognised by top associations worldwide and we constantly re-educate ourselves. This means you will be dealing with a team that constantly evolves and understands the changing trends within the industry.

A Perfect Memory Guaranteed

Give us the opportunity to share our unique creative expertise that will give you the peace of mind that your event would be exactly the way you want it.